Supported Operating Systems

  • Android 6+
  • iOS 9+ (iPad, iPhone)

Frequently Asked Questions

An error message shows when I try to sync a form.

Sync errors can vary, depending on the cause of the issue. Some common causes are:

  • The form has been deleted from REI Forms Live/Realworks
  • The subscription for Inspect Live has expired

To resolve the issue:

  1. Take note of the error message shown after sync.
  2. Contact the relevant support team.
  3. Details can be found here for REI Forms Live and here for Realworks.

Getting Started

When you open Inspect Live for the first time, a browser window will open requesting your REI Forms Live or Realworks login details.

  1. Enter your Username, Password and select the appropriate state
  2. Click <Login>
  3. Click <Yes> to allow Inspect Live to access REI Forms Live/Realworks


  • Show active user
  • Switch user / Add new account
  • Settings
  • Logout
  • Version number


Whenever a form has been created, edited or had photos attached it must be synced before the changes will be shown in REI Forms Live/Realworks.

Photos will be visible in REI Forms Live/Realworks via the Photos button. They will also appear at the end of the form after downloading and are shown separately in the link provided by the Share/Email feature.

To sync all forms:
  1. Tap the <Sync All> icon at the top of the form list menu
To sync an individual form:
  1. Tap the <Sync> icon to the right of the form name
  2. This icon will only appear on forms that have been changed on the device since last sync. Once sync has completed successfully, this icon will no longer show.
    If the icon remains, another sync is required.
N.B. Syncing forms requires an internet connection. We recommend being connected to a WiFi network when syncing.

Fetching Forms from REI Forms Live/Realworks

Forms created or changed via REI Forms Live/Realworks can be fetched to the device by tapping the <Fetch> icon.

Viewing old forms in Inspect Live

Condition Reports/Routine Inspection Reports created via discontinued inspection apps such as Realworks Inspect will not be viewable in Inspect Live.

To transfer the data into a new form compatible with Inspect Live, use the Related Form feature from within REI Forms Live/Realworks. See here for further information.

Create New Form

The following forms are available to be created through Inspect Live:

Entry / Ingoing Condition Report
Exit / Outgoing Condition Report
Routine Inspection Report
To create a form:
  1. Tap the "+" icon
  2. Select the type of form you wish to create
  3. Type the address of the premises
    • If the address matches an older report you will have the option to create a new form using the previous inspection data (excluding photos).
    • This is particularly useful when doing a condition report - creating an exit report from an entry report. Comments will be transferred to a new draft version of the form, with the existing information being replicated from the entry to the exit - with the same checkmarks as previously completed. This allows users to review the information entered on the initial report and make changes or update as necessary.
  4. Enter details of the new form
    • Not all information here is used in the resulting form (e.g. tenant and landlord email addresses). This is useful should you want to send the report directly from the app itself - see Emailing Forms
    • N.B. the Address and Tenant Name fields must be completed.
  5. Tap the <Confirm> icon
  6. Handy Hint: To return to details screen of a Draft report, from the forms screen tap the <Additional Actions> icon and select Edit Report.

Customising Rooms and Items

Forms can be modified to suit each individual premises. Any rooms or items added to a form through Inspect Live will be reflected in the downloaded pdf.

To add a Room:
  1. Tap the <Add Room> icon
  2. Select a Room Type from the drop down list OR create a custom room name
  3. When adding a room to an Entry or Exit Condition Report, the room will automatically add associated items. These can be removed if needed.
To add an Item to the current Room:
  1. Tap the <Add Item> icon
  2. Select an item from the list OR create a custom item
To remove a Room or Item:
  1. Tap the <Additional Actions> icon
  2. Tap Remove Room/Remove Item
  3. Tap <Delete> to confirm

Completing a Form

  • Additional actions - Remove room/item, clear item
  • Quickset item - Sets single item to Satisfactory
  • Add/edit comments
  • Add/view photos - Viewing a photo gives the option to delete it if it has not already been synced.

Quick Access

Quick access icons allow inspection reports to be completed from the Rooms view (Routine Inspection Report) or by the Items view (Entry/Exit Condition Reports) by tapping the icons.

The Quickset option will toggle between Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory .

Tapping on the photo icon or comments icon will provide you with a quick access to add photos and comments respectively.
N.B. Photos quick access only allows photos to be taken. See Photos for information on how to upload photos from your photo gallery or review photos for deletion.

Tapping on the room or item name itself will take you into a more detailed view.


Photos taken via Inspect Live will be visible in REI Forms Live/Realworks once you have Synced your forms (see Sync) via the Photos button

When an Inspect Live report is printed or shared/emailed, all photos will appear at the end of the form.

Taking Photos

  1. Tap room/item name to open Item Details
  2. Tap Photo button
  3. Tap Shutter button to take a new photo
    Tap Gallery button to add a previously taken photo from the device gallery

Deleting Photos

From Photos view
  1. Tap desired photo
  2. Tap Bin icon
  3. Tap OK to confirm
  4. N.B. Photos can only be deleted if they have not already been synced.

Form Actions

Form actions can be accessed from the main forms list via the <Additional Actions> icon

Finalising Forms

Finalising a form locks the form so no further changes can be made.
N.B. Forms are also able to be finalised within REI Forms Live/Realworks.

Handy Hint: We recommend that users reviewed and finalise forms within their REI Forms Live/Realworks account after completing their inspections using Inspect Live. Best practice would be to "fetch" forms prior to attending an inspection, as this will provide the latest forms data.

Duplicating Forms

Forms can be duplicated to create a new form containing the same information.
N.B. Photos will not be copied.

To duplicate a form:

  1. Tap the <Additional Actions> icon
  2. Tap the <Duplicate Report> icon
  3. New form appears at top of form list

Emailing Forms

Forms can be emailed to Tenants, Owners or others as necessary.
N.B. Only finalised forms can be emailed. Forms must be synced prior to emailing.

To email a form:

  1. Tap the <Additional Actions> icon
  2. Tap the <Email> icon
  3. Add recipents
  4. (Optional) Enter a message for the recipients
  5. Tap the <Confirm> icon

Editing Form Details

The address and other details can be adjusted while the form is still in Draft.

  1. Tap the <Additional Actions> icon
  2. Tap the <Edit Report> icon
  3. Change details as necessary
  4. Tap the <Confirm> icon

Tap the <Search> icon to open the search and filtering options.

N.B. See here for details on how to Fetch forms from REI Forms Live/Realworks.

Use the search bar to find previously created forms.

  1. Tap the <Search> icon
  2. Type name of desired form
  3. Select form from list
  • Forms created using Inspect Live will use the premises address as the form name.
  • Search can match with partial completion of form name
  • To show only Finalised or Draft forms, tap the appropriate icon under the search bar


Haven't found the answer? Is there a function or feature that you would like to see added in future updates?

Your feedback can help us improve and refine this User Guide as well as help shape the future development of Inspect Live. Our friendly support staff can be contacted by logging a ticket via the 'Help' area in the main menu.